Multimedia and Research

In the class we will learn how to identify, search, locate, select, extract, apply, and evaluate information.

Fun Sites

1 Free Rice - vocab fun
2 Awesome Stories Login/password if needed: nemiddle/pickers1
3 Doodle Decoder Are you a doodler? What do your doodles mean?
4Channel One Fun Games
5 Yahoo! Optical Illustions
6 Channel One Quizzes
7 Book Games
8 Wordle First type your words in to WORD, then copy and paste. Words will be larger depending on how many times you type it. Type the most important words more than once.
9 Make a Comix You can print your comics and also email them. They are not saved. Pick a background, characters and a bubble. Click the NEXT arrow to print your comic.
10 Khan Academy

Internet Safety

Internet Safety Quiz Take this quiz and print out your answers for discussion.
Say What? A Glossary of Tech Terms Use this dictionary for That's What I Am, Lesson 5


Typing Tutorials

Typing Games Click the test tab, select lesson #13 ALL KEYS, select 1 minute. Take the test.
Peter's Online Typing Course

Practice Using Microsoft Word

Word Lesson 1

Web Page Evaluation - click this link

Citing Sources and Plagiarism

Video below from Channel One News 3/6/13. Embedded with permission.

1. What is plagiarism?

2. What is citation?


4. Avoiding Plagiarism: Why do I need to cite?

5. The Effects of Plagiarism

6. Citing, plagiarism, quoting sources - Open Clearinghouse

The above includes Citation Maker

7. Note that you must register, be 13 years old, and provide an email address.

8. Citation Machine

9 Goblin Threat - Plagiarism Game from Lycoming College.
Definitions to know before playing The Plagiarism Game are below.
1. Abstract - a summary or statement of the contents of a book or article.
2. Intellectual Property - a work or invention that someone created.
3. Direct Quote - exact words of an author or speaker.
4. Parenthetical Citation - using parentheses around a citation within the text of a paper.
5. Attribution - establishing a particular person as the creator of a work.


Cyberbee - Copyright -Grade 6
Cybersmart student web sites
Copyright Alliance
Copyright and Fair Use Games
Copyright Basics
Copyright and the US Constitution
Copyright Law - Grade 8 Lesson

Legal Free Music Sources
Try looking at the Creative Commons website and at Joyce Valenza’s Springfield High School Library website.

Search Engines

Classroom Resources - Google Web Search
List of Search Engines
What are the Best Search Engines?
Search Engine Vocabulary see below
Google experimental
Catagorized Search Engines and Evaluating
Search Engines - ikeepbookmarks
Choose the Best Search Engine
Tutorial - Web Search Strategies

Internet Projects

Lee's Summit Scavenger Hunts
Ed World Scavenger Hunts
Edgar Allen Poe

Public Libraries

McCord Library
Erie County Library (Blasco)


Qwiki - A New Kind of Search Engine
New Tools - Joyce Valenza
IU Portal